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The Harikrishna Enterprises proudly presenting an e-platform of multi-brands and multi-products to sell and purchase. We named it Indio, means native or indigenous. Indioshop.in will be the online address of it.

               Indio will serve as a mean for producers and sellers to reach out their customers. And the customers will utilise it to purchase their desirable products according to their wishes.

               The customers must have introduction about the products which they are purchasing from Indioshop.in, so, we showcase the products in categorize manner, like: Eco-friendly, Made in India and Imported products.

       The reason behind each category are mention below :

Eco-Friendly :

                        The products under this category are the products which are sustainable, raw, organic and recycled. There are many organisations and producers, crafting the products which are sustainable for nature and also some are recycling plastic and other kinds of waste into essentials. This category will showcase such products and will also inspire to have such products which are sustainable in nature.

                        The production units which are working on such kind of products must have a space to reach out the customers having interest in sustainable products. This category will inspire both producers and customers to grow and live respectively, with sustainable products.


Made In India :

                          Indio, thinks that the products which are being produce within the territory of India will generate the employment for Indians and will also count and contribute in our GDP. The products made by either Indian brands or foreign brands within the territory of India will be listed under this category.


Imported products :

                                   Indian economy is almost established to produce for our needs, but we do also welcome the products coming from other economies as well. The products of such kinds will be listed under this category.


We welcome to all the aspiring manufacturers and sellers to use www.indioshop.in to reach their respective customers. The products will be list according to the category they come.

The customers are welcome to purchase the products as per their wishes.

We hope that the Indio will full fill the demands of the customers according to their wishes and choices.

We will be happy to know about if any suggestion.

We pledge to deliver happiness to our people.

The supreme law of the land that is the constitution of Republic Of India

will always be honoured by Harikrishna Enterprises (Indio).


                                                            Aditya Saxena

                                                            Founder and CEO

                                                           Harikrishna Enterprises (Indio)


Address - 

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Mail Us At :- info@indioshop.in

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